Continuous Hinges

Continuous hinges are also referred to as piano hinges.

A blank length of hinge usually comes in 72 or 96 inch lengths.

They are manufactured in various gauges, materials, and sizes, ideal for cutting to specific sizes.

We stock steel, aluminum and stainless hinges in a variety of thicknesses and widths.

Our hinges are made by domestic manufacturers and are NOT punched.

A mill finish is standard on this type of hinge.

With the capability of special orders, Des Moines Iron & Supply Company

is your “go-to” place for all of your continuous hinge needs. Continuous hinges can be delivered via UPS.

Below is a diagram to help you when ordering continuous hinges.



Weld-on Hinges

Weld-on hinges have specially designed leaves for welding installation.

These heavy duty weld-on hinges have the same function as a slip joint hinge, while having a higher load rating and faster mounting.

All weld-on hinges come with a bushing between the two leaves, consequently providing easier mobility,

as well as an optional grease fitting for easier lubrication. A mill finish is standard on this type of hinge.


Weld-On Hinges are used in a variety of products & applications including, but not limited to:

Electrical Enclosures

Fire Truck Compartments

Tool Boxes

Truck Bodies

Refuse Containers

Agricultural Equipment

Electronic Cabinets


Storage Lockers

Cabinet Doors

Barn Doors

Horse Trailers

Commercial Buses

Removable Access Panels / Doors

Tractor Doors


Below is a diagram to help you when ordering Weld On hinges.


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